The mission of Trinity United Reformed Church is by word and action to live the Good News of Jesus in the Church and in the world


The United Reformed Church (URC)
Our tradition has been around for a few hundred years but in a different guise. The URC, formed in 1972, comprises three different church traditions: Congregational, Presbyterian and Churches of Christ.

Trinity URC Lancaster
We began when several local Congregational and Presbyterian churches joined together. Though meeting in two locations, High Street in the City centre and Bowerham, south of the City, together they function as one church. Follow links to the history of the High Street Centre and Bowerham Centre. We are part of a shared pastorate (named FLAG), our sister churches are Garstang and Fortan. Trinity is in the North Western Synod of the URC.

We are an inclusive church, welcoming all people, celebrating Holy Communion monthly at each Centre. We have regular church meetings and an elected body of ordained Elders who, with our minister, share pastoral and leadership responsibilities. We seek to develop ecumenical relationships, being active members of Lancaster Churches Together.


Worship times

Both church buildings have the following facilities

Pipe organ    At our High Street Centre we have a Conacher and Co Pipe Organ